Why Use Eye Stock?

5 Ways how Eye-Stock will help you:

#1 :: Eye-Stock will help you solve stock problems.

Eye-Stock offers the independent optometrist the opportunity to solve stock problems by creating:

* Improved variety of stock

* Improved cash flow

* Increased gross profit

#2 :: You will have a big variety of options no matter the size of your practice.

It doesn’t matter where your practice is or how many patients you have. You will be able to present them with many options and amazing frames to choose from. You don’t have to spend all your cash flow to stock your practice.

#3 :: No more slow turn- around of stock.

If you have the Eye-Stock app, it means that your patients will have access to frames from the latest trends and ranges. They will be able to make a choice right away.

#4 :: Get discount on orders.

You only pay for frames sold and you get single orders for bulk prices.

#5 :: Professional and branded display cases

Now you can fill your display cases with branded frames that will not get sold out leaving your patient with fewer choices. It will look professional as well as give your patients an abundance of choices to find the frame they really want.

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